Monday, June 22, 2009

little boxes

Oh my. Lately I feel like I have spent more time in front of the computer than in front of a piece of clothing, sewing. I could spend an entire day just doing research - looking up craft fairs and local festivals, discovering fashion blogs, submitting files to get clothing featured at other boutiques, chatting with fellow Etsians for tips on selling, writing bios (long ones and short ones) and various forms of descriptions of Verabelle. I have discovered lots of fun and interesting things, though, with all of these long hours looking into the glowing rectangle. Here are a few things to look at:

There has also been much time spent behind the camera. I shot 3 new pieces last week, and this week 2 more are scheduled. So keep checking in on Etsy as more things continue to be posted! This week's photo shoot will be in Greenville, SC, my first outside my Charlotte hometown. I'm going to visit my friend Sarah and I happen to have some things that fit her perfectly! In fact, she'll be modeling a reconstructed dress that she found at the thrift store, herself, and then passed down to me. It's a cute pink and grey number that now features Sophie the Squirrel.

Ok, I'm off! Got to submit an application for a craft fair in D.C. for this October! I promise I'll have something more interesting next time. :)

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