Thursday, August 13, 2009

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me!

We picked up our second farm order yesterday, and there were lots of goodies. Each week, we're able to go online and pick and choose what we want from our local farms, including everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to meats to dairy to grains. This week we got sea island red peas; farmer's cheese; a roasted red pepper cheese spread; a mixed box of produce with corn, tomatoes, eggplant, a red pepper, watermelon, and butternut squash; and a half-peck of peaches. Lots and lots of goodies. We've already delved into that bag of peaches...

Last night I made peach cobbler muffins topped with ground Saigon cinnamon (a great gift from my best friend). They were great for breakfast!

For lunch today, I made a quesadilla with peaches, tomato, onion, and our pineapple-pecan spread from last week's order. Wowsers!

Wonder what we'll have for dinner... :)

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  1. This is making me totally hungry :) It's funny because I just launched a peach-themed blog today!

    Love your blog :)