Thursday, September 3, 2009

Introducing Sonia the Squirrel!

Just out, the first items from Verabelle's fall collection, and both are featuring Sonia the Squirrel! I love this little gray squirrel and am so happy to have some of her clothing up for sale on Etsy before the fall chill really sets in!

The buttons have been collected from some of my favorite places - from my Granny's button drawer to my neighborhood antique shop.

Perfect for sipping tea on a fall morning!

A bit about Sonia...
Sonia the squirrel is demure and lady-like. Her colors are muted and classically feminine - shades of rose, persimmon, and toffee, with cool-toned accents. As a squirrel, she's a hoarder of sorts. She is a collector of antiques who likes to surround herself with pretty things to look at. On Sonia, you'll see gold and silver buttons, charms and lockets, and treasured acorns embellished with metallic threads.

We spent the day taking photos in the streets of downtown Concord. This is on N. Union Street.

A little button-acorn on the back!

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