Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cabin Fever

This past weekend, 15 of our friend-family spent the weekend at a cabin in the mountains. It was a perfect weekend, full of beautiful scenery, relaxing porches, and happy times with friends. It was so nice having everyone together, with so many friends always coming and going (one couple just moved back and another is about to go), and with our own approaching move cross-country in the spring. I think it made us all think about how we are getting older and how our lives are diverging. Many of us are from the same hometown or have been connected to one another in some special way for awhile now, and seeing these changes in our lives are bittersweet.

Sarah, me & Melissa
Sarah is about to leave us again, and Melissa just came home.
We took this photo on our trip into town on Saturday.

Paul, Adrianna, Dustin, 
Robert & Laura
Relaxing on the porch before heading home on Sunday.

We had a full weekend of fun things: many many board games, lounging in the hot tub, playing pool, walks and jogs through the mountains, and lots of food. I was camp cook for our stay, so a lot of my time was happily spent in the kitchen. Friday was make-your-own pizza night; we started Saturday off with a huge mountain breakfast; and dinner was chili with cheddar biscuits, apple crisp, and cheese we brought back from the cheese factory in West Jefferson.

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