Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Clothing Meets Bakery

This past Saturday, I packed up the green suitcases and hauled everything Verabelle to Amelie's Bakery for the Valentine's Craft Attack. My two jobs met... and had a Valentine's kiss.

I was very happy with the way my booth turned out this time. In fact, I think I did the best job yet! There are still a few things I have on my shopping list (1. collapsable dressing room; 2. vintage dress form), but I am doing quite well for now, thank you. Here's a little tour, in case you missed it!

The grab bags were a huge hit! I filled the paper sacks with craft supplies, handmade doo-dads, and vintage goodies. I closed them up with a decorative stitch and stamps to finish. It was a fun buy for $2. Every single one sold! I'll definitely use this idea again. It was a great way for me to recycle some things I had around the sewing room that I wasn't using.

Earlier in the week, I went my Southern Comforts antiques, a charming antique store in an old house in Concord. It's actually owned by the mother of one of my fellow Crown Town Handmade members, Vanessa of Skwrrl Collective. Small world! While I was there, I picked up a few things to decorate my booth. The colorful bobbins (above) were originally from Cannon Mills, a textile mill in Kannapolis. My grandmother, Vera Aileen, actually used to work in the yarn room of Cannon Mills, so I feel like these are a special thing to have. I also got the antique sewing machine drawer to hold my animal prints. I've been racking my brain for awhile now, trying to think of some creative container for these, and I'm very pleased with this choice!

I also premiered some new product lines at the event. Here are two: animal tees and scrappy tanks. While these aren't made with vintage clothing as the base, they are repurposed tops. I will always use things that are already out in the world, if I can help it. Until I can afford screen printing, I'm just going to make a few tees with my iron-on transfer technique. The tank tops are a way for me to find a use for some interesting things from my scrap bin. Without animals, these tops feature random colors and patterns that I've combined in interesting ways. I had one of these on the other day at the bakery and someone told me they liked my "Anthropologie shirt." Ha!

I also revealed something very new and different, Sew-It-Yourself animal appliques. This way people can put my little animals on anything they like! The kit even comes with embroidery thread; all you need is a needle. I am super excited about these because of the DIY aspect. It's a way for people to repurpose their own things at home, giving something old a new life. And that is the idea behind Verabelle!

Another fun thing of the day: I gave away handmade felt fortune cookies to all my Facebook fans who came by (and to everyone who had to work in bakery)! Everyone really got a kick out of these. If you're not a fan of Verabelle on Facebook already, surely you don't need any other reason now. Other good things are to come, you know!

Here are a few of my fellow Crown Town Handmade members who joined me at Craft Attack. Check out their lovely handmade designs.

Oh, and the new products will be available on Etsy in the coming week, so check back soon.

The event was sponsored by Etsy Hornet's Nest and organized by Xiane. Thanks to everyone who came out to visit and shop!

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