Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspired by Handicrafts

The spring sunshine has been filling my sewing room, illuminating my coral colored walls and breathing some inspiration back into my work. I am so happy to see flowers popping up roadside on my walks and little bursts of colors clinging to the trees. The sewing machine (aka, Gertie) is feeling rather good too; with all the bright threads running through and light floral fabrics, she's happily chugging along with a spring in her needled step.

Working on new clothing for the Spring, I have been inspired by vintage handicrafts and have been incorporating these into my work. I have a box stored away in my desk with nothing but little bits and baubles that I've been drawn to and collected over the years. Many of them are now finding a home on new looks for Verabelle. Here's a peek!

(L) I found this piece of doily at the Scrap Exchange in Durham. This is the back of a new top, almost finished!

(R) This lovely little piece came from Paul's mom. She cut up a piece of tapestry-like fabric and added a lace trim. Now it's on a butter yellow sleeveless shirt.

This little chain of crochet is going to find itself on a dress very soon. (I also recently purchased a hand crocheted rug, which you can see in the background.)

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