Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The New DIY

This Spring, I'm declaring SIY the new DIY! With this project, you don't need a hammer, a shovel, paint, or a power tool. Just grab a needle and thread and Sew It Yourself!

The new SIY kits from Verabelle come with a drawstring ruffle and a set of 8 (5/8") covered buttons, both made from vintage scraps from my fabric bin.  Instructions and illustrations provide ideas for adding the embellishments to your clothing - an easy weekend project for personalizing something from your wardrobe or an ordinary find from Goodwill.

The ruffles work great along the edge of a cardigan or the neckline of a shirt. You just pull the thread (The specific color is indicated on the instructions.) to gather the ruffle and make it the length you want. Tie a few knots, pin it onto your clothing and sew! You can sew it on by machine or by hand.

The coordinating fabric-covered buttons can replace an old set on a cardigan or button-up shirt. Or you can use them decoratively, by arranging them in an interesting pattern. Use them on the same project that you've added your ruffle or embellish a second item of clothing.

instructions for using your ruffle and buttons

I love being able to extend the possibility of updating clothing to others. Adding new buttons to things is one of my favorite things to do, and I love the casual, light-hearted look of a ruffle. My grandmothers, Vera and Isabelle (the namesakes of Verabelle) would have loved these kits, as they were experts at salvaging and using scraps to create something new.

The new SIY kits will be available for purchase at the Designers Downtown Market in Raleigh 4/30, at the First Friday Indie Market in Greensboro 5/6, and afterwards, on Etsy.

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