Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slice 2: Pedals (a bike scavenger hunt)

Part two of our "Pies, Pedals, & Picture Show" party this weekend: a scavenger hunt! After sampling nearly 20 flavors of pie, getting a little exercise around the neighborhood seemed like a good idea. We split into five teams, with each team having one person on a bike; the rest went at it on foot. Equipped with cameras and smart phones, we all documented our findings for reporting and voting later. We had 45 minutes to explore the neighborhood to see what we could come up with. Here's the list of findings my friend, Sarah, put together along with the associated points, if you'd like to do your own Spring scavenging.
1. an intersection that is odd, confusing, or changes names (2)
2. most springlike yard (1)
3. highest street number (1)
4. coolest car (1)
5. person walking a dog / the most dogs / strangest combo (1/2/3)
6. someone on a bike (not in the hunt) (3)
7. highest / lowest priced home for sale (1/1)
8. street with the most porch ceiling fans (2)
9. squirrel on a wire (5)
10. happenin' hangout (1)
11. Charlotte skyline (3)
12. most colorful (3)
13. typical Plaza-Midwood moment (2)
14. 2 Volvos together (2, 3 bonus points for 3 Volvos)

#5 a couple walking a dog / #13 typical Plaza-Midwood moment

#12 My interpretation of most colorful: This yard was filled with garden gnomes and tiny houses for them to live in.

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