Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Animal Mad Libs

I am so excited to announce a new blog feature, Animal Mad Libs featuring Verabelle characters! I have loved Mad Libs since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and I still keep several tablets of them around to stay entertained on road trips.

With my love of storytelling and a menagerie of animals to inspire me, every month or so, I'll put together an Animal Mad Lib for you to download and complete. Remember, to do it the real way, you should fill in the blanks before reading the story. I know it's hard to hold out, but it makes for the funniest tale!

Do it for a break at work, share with friends over dinner, or save it for your own adventure on the road. And if you want, take a photo of your finished story and upload it to the Verabelle Facebook fan page, so we can all read what you came up with. Now... have at it!

available on Etsy, on sale

Photo: Sareve, himself, on a fall cardigan (sold)

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