Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obsession: Three Bad Seeds

Another crafty Amanda. How perfect! I was booth neighbors with the lovely Amanda of Three Bad Seeds a year ago at Columbia's Crafty Feast and immediately fell in love with all her upcycled wares and cute display. Amanda uses thrifted wool and linen to make pillows, plushies, coasters, pennant banners, and other whimsical housewares. I recently purchased one of her beautiful pillows for a friend's birthday, but loved it so much that I kept it for myself! I kinda thought that might happen...

Amanda's hubbie and kiddo sometimes help out with crafting too (hence the name, Three Bad Seeds - ha, don't you love it!?). Like Paul and myself, they also believe in living a locally rooted, bound-to-the-earth existence, and I enjoy reading her blog posts about their backyard gardening, suburban foraging, and other adventures around town.

If you haven't checked out this "family adventure in handmade art and independent craft," as they call themselves, then it's time you do!

the pillow that my friend will never realize she's missing... ;)
a few other Three Bad Seed cuties, available on Etsy

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  1. Those pillows are absolutely precious :)