Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 30

Earlier this year, Paul and I were at our friends' house making dinner together. The meal included avocados, which I loooove. I scooped up a big mouthful of guacamole with a chip and exclaimed, "Mmmm, avocados! Definitely one of my top 30 things in the world." Everyone kind of stared, wide-mouthed, with responses ranging from, "What?! In the WORLD? to "Where in the top 30?" to "You have a top 30?" 

This is something I've always kind of thought about, but it definitely sparked a conversation that night and made us all seriously think about what our Top 30 would be.... to the point that some of us actually got out a pen and paper. I don't think anyone has finished their list yet, and I think it probably should be something that's in constant revision. But I think making a Top 30 is a wonderful exercise in gratitude; to recognize how much something means to you helps you to continually acknowledge it in your everyday life. You know that you're doing/eating/seeing something truly special and worth savoring when it's on your Top 30, and it makes you appreciate it a little bit more. So what's on your Top 30? Here's what I have on mine so far, in no particular order... avocados no longer included... Ha! (Click to enlarge.)

P.S. We have decided since then that anything that can reciprocate love doesn't count, so that means no friends or family or pets. That would just be way to easy...

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