Monday, May 18, 2009

love is in the details

Lately, I've been working on finalizing the last tiny minute details for the clothing line, and today I made my first batch of interior labels. I have been playing around with ideas for how I would do this for awhile now, going through lots of different sketches, and I finally ended up with just stitching "Verabelle" directly onto scrap pieces of felt, so that it coordinates with what I've done to the clothing. I've also clipped words from the newspaper to do the sizing portion of the label via iron-on transfer: "size doesn't matter." Perfect! I got about a dozen of them made today.
Going to be moving onto business cards next, and for that I'm thinking of a custom-made stamp onto the back of pieces of cereal/granola bar/whatever boxes, and then I'll cover the printed side of the box in... fabric? paper? Not sure yet. But here's a fellow Etsy seller who I am contacting about the custom stamp, that'll have my logo, etc. Amanda Rae has also suggested that I take the stamp out with me and leave marks on napkins at restaurants, people's hands, etc. Not a bad idea... Would definitely save some paper. Oh which reminds me...

I have recently found some felt made from recycled plastic bottles that I will be switching over to for the iron-on transfers! Very excited about this! One more leaf on my "green" tree!
More updates coming soon!
Amanda Aileen

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