Saturday, July 18, 2009

Market Saturday

Atticus' Picnic Shorts

Paul and I spent the better part of the morning at the regional and county farmer's markets getting delicious, local food to cook for the week. I try to make this part of my weekly schedule both to support local agriculture and so that we can have as much choice as possible over where our food comes from - choosing the farm's practices that we most want to support. In fact, we have just signed up for a "Know Your Farm" program where we can order from local farms online each week and have our meat, produce, and dairy delivered nearby, in our neighborhood. 

Today we left the market with beef and bacon, shiitake mushrooms, lettuce, eggplant, peppers, peaches, potatoes, a bulb of heirloom garlic, a variety of onions, a loaf of bread, and an heirloom tomato given to us by a farmer who suggested we try one of her varieties first before having to buy! All this summer food makes me ready for a picnic! 

Atticus' Picnic-for-One Clutch

I love being able to talk to the people who actually grow the things we are eating. Several of the farmers even shared some delicious recipes for how to cook their mushrooms and peppers, and we have one of the suggestions on the menu for later in the week. 

At the county market (the oldest in Mecklenburg County), we stopped for some homemade soup made with fresh, local ingredients. Our choice for this week was curry squash. We were also pleasantly surprised to find a group of men and women circled together in old cane-bottom chairs, playing some folk tunes on their fiddles and banjos. What a pleasant Saturday morning! 

Atticus' Short-Sleeve Summer Sweater

I've included a few photos of some Atticus the Ant wear, perfect attire for summer picnics, Saturday bike rides, and backyard barbeques. All of the clothing is available for purchase on Etsy, with free shipping through July 31st!

Atticus' Dinner Skirt

Atticus' Shady Weather Cardigan

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