Monday, September 14, 2009

New Additions with Odetta the Owl

Yesterday, I was able to take some photos at my friend, Teddy's, family farm. It was such a beautiful location to shoot - a perfect backdrop for the bright, fall colors of Odetta the Owl.

Auburn hair, autumn hues.

These photos were taken against the farm's original home, built in the 1910's.

The pocket of these vintage, wool trousers has been replaced with a scrap of corduroy and finished with a little embroidery.

I love how Alicia's pigtail buns mimic the shape of the hay bale!

The purplish-red of these strange little berries was a perfect compliment to the outfit.

I can't think of a better time to shoot Odetta's Made-for-a-Virgo Vest than in September and a few days before my very own Virgo birthday! The piece got this name because of the horoscope newspaper print used for Odetta's beak and talons.

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