Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday $$

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I got a little birthday money from my parents to spend as I wish. My first thought... run to my computer and logon to Etsy! I have been marking my favorite items and sellers for so long, usually making purchases for friends' birthdays, but finally, a chance to buy something for my own! Here is where my birthday dollars have gone so far.

Jawbreaker Necklace by LKFarnsworth Studio

Bakelite Cocktail Ring by Petit Oiseau

Central Park Necklace by LKFarnsworth Studio

Ok, so you are going to love this story. I was writing this little blog post and went over to LKFarnsworth Studio's Etsy shop to grab the info to share with you all, and what did I find, but this brand-new and ever-so amazing necklace. How I could resist the fuzzy little acorns, the plastic leaves and the tortoiseshell beads. I couldn't. I had to have it too...

Now the only things left on my list are a harmonica, a bath for my Granola Baby (my car), and perhaps some beading lessons at Bead Lush, my neighborhood bead store. But, first, I'll have to count my change.

I am one happy little Etsian tonight.
Sweet dreams...
Amanda Aileen

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