Monday, April 18, 2011

World's Largest Fleamarket

Ok, so maybe it's not the world's largest flea market, but it feels like it! The first Saturday of every month, the International Collectibles and Antiques Show comes to Charlotte, but twice a year a slew of additional vendors from around the world set up to peddle their wares. I went to this huge biannual show a few weeks ago. Here are some of my favorites I found while browsing.

I'm a sucker for kitchen kitsch! 

Clockwise, from left: I already have quite a collection of vintage glasses and always find it hard to say no to new ones. Bakelite napkin holders featuring cute critters. A set of plastic vintage canisters would be high on my shopping list, if only I had a place to put them!

(L) I love vintage buttons!
(R) a lamp made from popsicle sticks and marbles


(L) miniature comic novels - love the graphics!
(R) Davy Crockett wallet with furry hat

(L) tintypes
(R) the toy gun my friend, Nicole, bought for her son, Maddox

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