Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dishes & Dessert

As some of you know, I work the pastry counter at Amelie's French Bakery two days a week, serving up delicious treats to Charlotte locals. I love this job for two reasons... #1: I love food. I love talking about it. And I love sharing my passion for it with other people. #2: I love people. The rest of the week, I'm working in my home studio, designing, sewing, and doing all the things it takes to run a crafty business. I love to be able to get out of the house and interact with other people for the day. It helps keep me sane!

Next week, I get the wonderful pleasure of combining my two "jobs" once again, as I teach a craft class for Amelie's at their new Amelie's Annex. Using my crafty expertise, I'll help you get that eclectic Amelie's look by creating your own upcycled dishes.

You'll have your choice of two projects (or you can do both!): hand-painting dishes or creating your own tiered pastry platter. Both projects are great for all crafting capabilities, and all instructions and supplies will be provided. Guests will also enjoy Amelie's pastries, wine, and tea while they work.

If you'd like to join me for Dishes & Dessert, just call Stefanie Haviv from Amelie's to reserve your spot and arrange payment: 704.701.0874. The cost of the class is $25, and this includes all of your supplies, dessert and drinks.

Amelie's a 24-hour french bakery that is open every day of the year. (This is seriously dangerous for people with chocolate cravings, like me!) Check out this video for an idea of what a whole day at Amelie's looks like.

Photo at top: Tiered Plate Project
photo from ReadyMade

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