Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shop: Whipstitch

My heart beats a little faster at a sewing boutique: bright colors, beautiful patterns, whimsical designs. How can you not get inspired? I adore this little shop I found in Atlanta called Whipstitch and wish we had something in Charlotte like it. 

Owner, Deborah Moebes, considers her shop a modern sewing boutique. "A lot of us consider sewing as something as old-fashioned... [but] more and more women want to learn to sew because they are beginning to see opportunities to bring that into a modern lifestyle," she explained on a recent interview with SCAD Atlanta students. 

Whipstitch offers fabric and notions beyond what you'd find at the typical craft store. They carry fabrics produced by smaller producers and make an effort to feature the full line of fabrics by all local designers. From dress patterns to embroidery patterns, everything from start to finish has a more modern twist. 

With a space for classes and a lounge area by a shelf of craft books (including a vintage sewing encyclopedia set!), you're invited to settle in and get creative. Whipstitch offers an array of exciting classes and events, including a Monthly Sewing Circle, summer camps for kids, and Sewing Buddies, where they pair you with another crafter to help each of you improve. All I know is I want a sewing buddy and I have my fingers crossed that a shop like Whipstitch will open its doors in Charlotte one day soon!

Photographed: my friend, Lisa, who I was visiting in Atlanta


  1. Thanks so much for coming by, and I'm so pleased you enjoyed your visit!! We wish we could be in Charlotte, too, but for now we'll just have to wait until you can come back for another visit. :)

  2. Looks like a lovely shop! At least we have nice bead shops in Charlotte.

  3. Hopefully I'll be headed back your way again soon, Deborah. I would LOVE to have my Sew-It-Yourself appliques and ruffle & button kits in your shop. That would be a dream come true!!

    Thanks so much for your comments. :)