Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Virgo's Birthday Wish List

My birthday is just a hop, skip, and jump away - wheeeee!! I have always loved birthdays, both my own and others'. It's the one time of year to truly celebrate that person, and as the one having the birthday, I think it's a great time for reflection. It's also the perfect time to make everyone do what you want to do, since it is, afterall, your birthday! ;)

This year, I decided on a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure theme to my celebrating. Since I'll be at an out-of-town wedding rehearsal on my birthday (and in the wedding the day after), I decided to pick fun things to do throughout the month and invite others to participate.

All the fun starts this weekend with a little daytrip to the NC mountains, and with fall on our doorstep, it couldn't be a better time to head that way. Our Saturday will include the first three things from my list, so that people can do as much or as little as they want. The other two activities are spread out throughout the month. Here's the full line-up of choices...

1. Altapass Orchard for apple-picking, live bluegrass, and a hayride, all right along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
2. Local brews at Loe's Brewery and Olde Hickory Taproom
3. A double feature at the Belmont Drive-In
4. Partying in my old college town at some of my favorite bars
5. Contra dancing with a little lesson before

There's also not many things that are more fun that sitting down and making a birthday wish list. Even though there's no way I could ever have (or truly really want) every single thing on my wish list, it's so much fun to browse around and find the things that inspire me. And there is no shortage of that on Etsy! Here's an Etsy treasury I made just for my birthday, "A Virgo's Birthday Wish List." 
Now it's time to share - what do you want to do and/or get for your birthday this year? Or what has been your favorite birthday to-date?

Amanda Aileen

P.S. The photo at the top is of my best friend Nicole (left) and me (right) at my carnival birthday party last year.

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