Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Craft Kits

I have loved craft kits since I was a kid, and nothing much has changed now that I am an adult. Don't you think it's so satisfying to sit down with all the parts to something and then walk away with a finished project, completely created by your own two hands? And the great thing about a kit is that is everything is all ready to go. All the pieces are in place; you just have to put them together, sometimes learning a new skill along the way.

I think craft kits are great for so many things. I love them especially for road trips, and I can guarantee you I have my own craft kit packed for every long car ride. But think of every other time you might be sitting around twiddling your thumbs: getting your car worked on, doctor's/dentist's appointments, hanging with your man during a football game, waiting for your name to be called at a restaurant... It never hurts to have something to do waiting for you in your bag, something to occupy your mind and fingers besides your smart phone. :)

Here's a round-up of craft kits that will satisfy a variety of ages, from ones I'd have been happy with as a child to ones I'd love to have in my lap now. All of these kits are available on Etsy. And yes, there are even a couple in there by yours truly! (A little shameless self-promotion never hurts, right?)

DIY purse by Elenushka

Zodiac Embroidery Kit by Miniature Rhino

DIY Doll Kit by Sophie Tilley Designs


Hand-Stitched Card Sets by Curious Doodles

Needle Felting Kit by Ag Snag Breac

Patchwork Pouch Kit by Sew Sew n Sew

Coloring Box by Leon + Coco

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